I’ve been into blogging since around 2003 when I created BlogJet, one of the first blog clients for Windows (it was later acquired and is not developed by me anymore). In 2005 I started a blog about marketing and online business in Russian, which was quite popular and was one of the top 10 standalone blogs according to Yandex for some time. Later I burned out and essentially stopped blogging; while that blog is still online, I publish only one or two posts per year.

Today twitters, facebooks and telegrams took all the audience, and while there are still many blogs out there (probably even more than before), it’s quite different from what we had in those days. Even WordPress.com now tells us to “create an unforgettable website” rather than “a blog”.

My main writing output today is in Twitter: every day I usually post a few 160-character tweets, which is quite a difference from the number of characters used to write. (I think this significantly contributed to shortening of my attention span.)

Today I watched this Michael Hyatt’s video from 2013 and it inspired me to maybe start writing again:

Michael is a great guy — he actually was an early user of BlogJet and later helped me monetize I Write Like — and I’ve been following his “blogging career” from the early days. Many blogs started during the blogging boom are dead, but he’s been blogging for many years and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop. He grew his audience tremendously. Huge inspiration!

So, right now I’m firing up Vim, creating a new post, typing kkr build && ./rsync.sh to publish this post using my homegrown artisanal static site builder, and hoping that I’ll continue doing this a few times each week.